Home of Motor Sport Rally - Bathurst NSW (1 - 4 April 2016)

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photos by Adrian Hannam

Rick Moss - 1946 4G &1956 VH behind his 1956 Chevy

Lined up before start of ride

Ariel outfit racer at Mt Panorama Museum

Russel Boxer ponders how to ride a penny-farthing

Best Two-Stroke - 1962 Arrow SS - Peter Scott

Sherri Woods' Best Ariel Special

Best Pre-War Single 1937 LH - Matthew Gellert

Lady Rider - Kareena Philps

Diane Smith waits in comfort at the start  

Corrinne Waide in husband Des's 1936 VH sidecar

President's Choice - Chris Rab's 1948 VH


Victorian members at the Bathurst Rally

Peter Jessups '1946' VB -of many 'original' parts  
Len Peters on his 1956 4G

Ariels over to top of the Skyline at Mount Panorama

1958 4G - Jason Shanks

Ariels on the original route of the first Australian Motorcycle GP  

Bob White's NG in military colours  

Les Booth's 1957 4G  

John Shanks receives award at Mount Panorama Museum