Euroa Seven Creek Rally 28 April 2011 - 1 May 2011

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photos by Christine Hillbrick-Boyd

Annette Browne's 1935 LH

John Deeth's 1946 NG

Merv Mean's 1946 VG

Alloy VH

Jeff Taylor 's 1951 4G

David Anderson's 1953 Square 4

Barry Deeth's Arrow (now owned by Allan Boyd)

John Shank's VHA

Greame Pace's Golden Arrow

AAR Editors Merv and Trish Stonehouse with their 4G

Don Smith's VB Outfit

Ron Hogde's NH and Bruce Fenton's VH

Ray Philp' s Square 4 at the Judging

Twins at the Judging (Foreground is Bill Cochran's KH)

Bill McKee's Swinging Arm Square Four

Wayne Penrose's 1956 FH

Singles at the Judging

Vintages at the Judging (Foreground is Brian Fleming's 1926 Model B)

Twin Outfit of Sturan Clarke

Bob Frankham's 1939 VG