Evans Head Summerland Rally 29 - 30 March 2009

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photos by Peter Ariel and Holty1352

Gary Elve

1949 NG
Kate and John Hammond

1938 Red Hunter

1951 KH Allan Boyd

Veteran and Vintage Ariels

Ariel Leader

Ariel VB with Side Car

Ariel Arrow

BSA posing as an Ariel WNG Wannabe

1938 Square 4 - Geoff Hinspeter

Crossing the river by ferry

Ariels with side car

Red Hunter with side car

Square Four

Ariels visit
Woodburn Emergency Services

Laurie Wenham's 1949 KH being
checked by Kevin Wheatley

Ariels at Tuckurimba Hill Lookout

3 Generations of Ariel Riders

At the Start

One way to
avoid the rain
A.A.R. Home