Mannum SA River Rally 16 - 19 April 2010

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photos byChristine Hillbrick-Boyd

Judging at Birdwood 1
Barry Deeth's 1957 VH (foreground)

Judging at Birdwood 2

Most Desirable Ariel & Best pre-war Single- Bruce Fenton's 1932 VH

Best pre-War Square 4
1937 4G - Col Hill
(entered by Ron Hodge)

Best Post-war Single
1948 NG
Kaye Hammond

Best Lady Rider
Annette Browne

Furthest Ridden Bike
Allan Penrose
1929 Model E

Best Two-Stroke
Rob Pepperwell

Best Side Valve
Victor Rayment
1935 VA

Best Vintage
Geoff Hinspeter
1929 Model E

Rod Nicholas
1951 4G

Ariels at the Start Mannum

At Eric Parker's Museum

At the Norton Museum

Best Post-War
Square Four
Bill McKee

1934 4F
Brian Fleming

President's Choice
1948 VH
Alf Lear

Merv Mean's
1946 VG

1940 VH
Tony Jones

Late Model VH