The Australian Ariel Register


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Peak capsPeak Caps

Cloth Badge

Items of AAR Regalia available from the Regalia Officer


Polo Shirts                                       $35.00 each

Ariel Posters      These posters are no longer being sold by the AAR but are still available directlty from the German supplier. Click here for details.

AAR Peaked Caps                                   $15.00 each (see picture in Notes column)
                                                                    or 2 for $25.00

AAR Hi-Vis Vests                                     $20.00 each

AAR Badges sew on                                  $5.00 each (See picture of embroidered logo)

AAR Domed Machine Badges                 $3.00 each

Additional 20th Rally Badges                     $2.50 each (first 10 ordered also receive rally sticker)

Plus Package & Postage.                       Contact the Regalia Officer for costs as these vary for each item

Cheques payable to:  AAR

Regalia Officers:   Allan and Chris Boyd
                                 home phone:  02 6297 6014   Allan mobile 0427976014 (prefer sms)