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2. Rally at Boonah QLD - 2020 rally at Boonah has been postponed until 2021
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Rare Parts Locally Made:

W&P Barrels. Barry Deeth has commissioned a pattern for casting Ariel veteran barrels . Anyone who needs a new barrel for a veteran should contact Barry on (07) 32661548 or send the Secretary an email and he will pass on details. Click here to view details.

Bronze Rocker Box - Cast-Iron Square 4.. A new pattern has been made and 20 new boxes were cast cast in manganese bronze, machined, and all were sold at $600 each. Infortunately, a machinist has not been found to do a second production run, but blank castings are available from Manx Classic Spres for anyone who wants to arrange their own machining. Blank castings are $225 each, plus shipping/postage. Anyone wanting a blank should contact Greg Ditchfield at Manx Classic Spares on 0408 503 920 or email:



2020 AAR National Rally at Boonah - Cancelled: In view of the Australian Governent's direction on safety at gatherings and preventing spreading of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the AAR annual rally scheduled to held at Boonah QLD 8-10 May 20 has been cancelled and unlikely to be rescheduled in the foreseable future. The rally sub-committee and AAR Committee regrets this action, but felt it was necessary to ensure saftey of AAR members. Alternative arrangements have been made for the 2020 AGM (see Members Only web page for details). Any member wanting to read how best to protect against the spread of this virus should read the Governments advice at

Membership renewal for 2020 are now open. Check details on the Membership web page

Wanted for AAR Committee: At the 2019 AGM, Regalia Officers, Allan Boyd and Christine Hillbrick-Boyd did not stand for reappointment. The position has remained vacant since then. A volunteer is sought to take over as Regalia Officer. Any member interested in taking on the role should contact Allan or Chris via email (

Information to Members on COVID-19. To read some very interesting information on how the Coronavirus spreads and what can be done to limit the spread, clink on this article ABC on COVID-19



The Australian Ariel Register (A.A.R.) is an Incorporated Association (A0030096D, Incorporated in Victoria, Australia) that offers membership to any person who owns or has an interest in Ariel Motorcycles. Click here to read about the formation of the A.A.R. Click here to view the Honour Board of past Committee members.


AAR National Rally - entry forms for the annual rally are normally provided with the Spring edition of the Club's magazine, but can also be downloaded from the Rally Home Page (access via the Annual Rally menu key in the main menu), once the rally sub-committee has released the form (usually this occurs in October each year).

If you have any spare Ariel motorcycle parts, you may be able to help A.A.R. members keeping Ariels on the road. Click the 'Wanted' list on the 'Advertisements' page to see what parts A.A.R. members need help in obtaining.

Members wishing to place a notice or advertise through the AAR should contact the Secretary for placing avertisements/notices on the AAR web or the Editor for placing advertisments/notices in the Horse's Mouth magazine. This free service is not available to non-members.

Notice to web builders and general business providers: This web site is for use by Club members and Ariel motorcycle enthusiasts. It is not online for the purpose of generating income or attracting business in any form as it is purely a hobby site. Please do not contact any Committee members offering business services as you will not receive any response


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All Fired Up Motorcycle Expo 2021- Coffs Harbour 2nd and 3rd January 2021